Let Me Build You a Van


While I’m all about helping DIYers build the vans of their dreams, I know firsthand that building a van can be a daunting task. That said, for the wannabe vanlifers that crave an Instagram-worthy, road-ready van but don’t have tools, space and a spare 400+ hours, I also craft custom-builds for clients. If you’re interested in a custom build, or even if you just want to hop on the phone to discuss your own project, check out my services and feel free to contact me with questions, request a quote or check availability.


Available Services

Full Van Builds

Building a van is complicated, so let’s make it as simple as possible. If you buy a full build from Stinson Vans, you chill, and I build the van of your dreams. A full build will cost around $60,000 but that can go up or down depending on materials, layout, etc.  


  • Material sourcing and management

  • Everything from insulation and electrical to plumbing and cabinetry

  • A van ready to hit the road


Consulting is a purposefully vague term. It can mean I’m stepping in to handle a job you aren’t comfortable doing—say, cutting a window or installing your electrical system—or it can be as simple as you calling me with questions.


  • Over the phone questions

  • Diagrams and instructions

  • Personalized product recommendations

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